In Development
Large scale text analysis of American religious historiography
Topic modeling, using Python for corpus preparation, data sourced from JSTOR DfR

Tracking historical typeface
At scale corpus analysis of diachronic font use

Religious History of Computation (in the U.S.)
An exploration of patterns, ideas, and objects in the history of computing informed by approaches from religious studies

Using Data Visualization for collections analysis

Exploring novel ways to re-imagine collection development and analysis

Disciplinary information literacy
Scholarship of Teaching and Learning Project for crosswalking the ACRL IL Framework with disciplinary threshold concepts

The Bible in the American Revolution and the Civil War
with James P. Byrd. Grant submitted for a digital project in support of previous scholarship and upcoming monograph

Religious Soundmap of the Global Midwest
with Amy Derogatis, Isaac Weiner, Scott Schopieray, and David Stowe HWW (Humanities Without Walls), Global Midwest Initiative, Mellon Foundation

Burke Library New York City Religions
Web archiving project (Archive-it) of New York City religious institutions and communities. Metadata specialist

Studies in Radicalism Online (SiRO)
Steering committee